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Spa News & Specials

Our website is still under construction, if you do not see any information that you are looking for please call or text us! 720-400-3568


Specials are not available for prepurchase and cannot be combined with other spa discounts or stars. You can prepurchase these specials only on March 23rd at our event.

This event is going to be one for the books! 

Spin the wheel at check out to get a discount on your same day treatment AND get that discount for your next service at Opulence. 

The second discount must be used by the end of April. 


Minimum of 10% off and maximum of 80% off on the wheel!!!!! Stars and evolus rewards can be used if valid! Everyone wins! Message us if you have any questions!


RSVP by texting 720-400-3568. Please write first/last name, what service you would like to be reserved for and time slot you are interested in! If you no show you will be subject to our no show fee.


Please RSVP if you don't plan on getting a treatment so we know how much food and drinks to have available. There will be other fun things for you to do too!

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