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What is the difference? Both melasma and sun damage can cause dark spots and discoloration. However, these issues have different causes and respond to different treatments. So which is affecting your skin- and how can you reduce the look of dark spots? The key difference between melasma vs. sun damage is the condition’s cause. However, the look of the skin will also vary. Melasma can be easier to identify because it usually presents as large brown patches across a the face. Sun damage can vary from freckles to sunburn to dark patches. Sun damage can also develop into skin cancer, so it is important to get damaged skin examined regularly.


Sun Damage

Sun spots are a type of hyperpigmentation--darkened patches of skin--caused by the sun. When your pretty face is exposed to the sun without adequate protection, the sun takes the opportunity to dial up your production of melanin: the pigment that gives your skin color.

Your skin produces melanin in response to the sun because melanin can act as a natural “sunscreen.” Of course, it’s NOT a substitute for real sunscreen, and when you get too much sun, the melanin goes into overdrive, leading to hyperpigmentation. 


Melasma is a very common skin issue that manifests as dark patches on your skin. 

Primarily present in women, melasma can occur anytime, including when you’re pregnant. If you do develop melasma while you’re pregnant, it's referred to as “pregnancy mask.” 

And like any good mask, melasma is symmetrical, meaning it (usually) looks the same on both sides of your face. It’s common to get it on your chin, forehead, cheeks, or even your nose. You might also find some melasma on your neck and arms. 

Recommended Treatments:

Clearlift $185

Perfect Derma Peel $180

Medium-Aggressive: Clearlift & Perfect Derma Peel $320

This treatment is either done same day or separate depending on your skin.

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