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Not interested in a treatment with downtime? Need to relax or get a little "pick me up"?

Here are all our fabulous options!

The Opulence Signature Facial $175

Unwind with our most luxurious facial. This facial includes 24K Gold, Gua Sha, and more. Seriously luxurious and extravagant. 50-70 minutes. Time varies depending on your skin each facial is customized just for you. Come early to hang out in our lounge area with a glass of bubbly. 

The GLOWtox Treatment
for celebrity glass skin $200

This facial includes a dermaplane & customized skin cocktail just for you that includes neuromodulator that will be stamped into your skin. This can make the skin appear smoother, make pores tighter, and even help oil production. This is not microneedling. This is using a stamping tool that delivers the Botox to the dermal and epidermal layers of the skin. Some other common ingredients used for the cocktails include filler (hyaluronic acid) and green tea extract derivatives for plumpness/hydration, and vitamin C to boost glow and radiance. 35-45minutes. 

Acne Facial $100

This facial is great for acneic skin. It includes extra time on extractions, High Frequency, Blue Light Therapy, & more to deeply cleanse the skin and help fight against acne. 50-70 minutes. Time varies depending on your skin each facial is customized just for you.

Dermaplane $60

This is a simple dermaplane with great products applied after!

Oxygeneo Facials

OxyGeneo® is an innovative technology for skin exfoliation (removal of dead skin cells from the skin surface), improving skin oxygen levels and infusion of valuable products to enrich the skin. The simultaneous skin exfoliation along with skin oxygenation optimizes the absorption of the valuable components in the nutrient-rich gels into the skin.

Benefits Of The OxyGeneo Facial Treatment:

  • Skin Plumping & Hydrating

  • Restored Skin Volume

  • Renewed Youthful Glow

  • Increase collagen production

  • Reduced hyper-pigmentation

  • Reduce wrinkles

  • Safe for all skin types


Face & Neck $99

Face, Neck & Chest $115

add a dermaplane for $25

Just For You Facial $90

This facial is JUST FOR YOU! It is completely customized. Starts with a skin consultation to figure out the best facial for your skin. 50-60minutes. Time varies based on your skin care needs. If you have a specific concern like acne, aging, or dry skin please pick that option. If you are unsure, no problem we will let you know what your skin needs!

"Men Need Facials Too" Facial $85

Unwind with this relaxing 50-70 minute facial. This facial includes extractions, high frequency, hyrdojelly mask, led light therapy. This is a great facial for hydration and ingrown hair. Time varies depending on your skin each facial is customized just for you.

Dermaplaning Facial $115

This facial includes dermaplaning, hydrojelly mask, & more 50-70 minutes. Time varies depending on your skin each facial is customized just for you

Deluxe Dermaplane $75

This is a simple procedure with a jelly mask applied after for a more hydrating treatment.

HydraGlow Facials

This rejuvenating treatment combines exfoliation, extraction, and the infusion of serums to smooth, hydrate and even skin tone. Because the treatment stimulates renewal within the skin, improvement continues as new, healthy cells rise to the surface.


HydraGlow On-The-Go $75

 - Quick treatment that includes our hydradermabrasion treatment and fabulous products applied after.

HydraGlow Signature Facial $115

- Includes a dermaplane, extractions, oxygen infusion, and products applied after.

HydraGlow Deluxe Facial $145

- Includes a dermaplane, extractions, oxygen infusion, jelly mask, scalp or neck and shoulder massage, skin booster, and other great after treatment products.


Add a booster to the others for $10

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